mcpherson to be site of wordfest writing conference


mcpherson — caryn mirriam-goldberg, kansas poet laureate, will speak at the second annual wordfest, a conference for writers at all levels, which will be april 16 and 17 in mcpherson.

her topic will be “finding our way home through the power of poetry: a reading.”

a reception and open microphone event will be 6-9 p.m. april 16 at the mcpherson museum. sessions and an open mike opportunity are planned 8 a.m.-4 p.m. april 17 at the mcpherson opera house. a reception, breakfast and lunch are included in the $75 early bird full-conference rate, available until april 10.

people ages 65 and older, students with student id and mcpherson museum members may attend individual sessions without registering for $10 each. the public may attend individual sessions for $15 each. four session times are planned. those who don’t register for the entire conference will miss the reception, saturday meals and mealtime speakers.

for a conference program and more information, call carla barber, (620) 241-8464 or e-mail [email protected], subject line “wordfest,” or go to and click on the wordfest page.

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