investigation continues in beloit murder


investigation continues in beloit murder

by the salina journal

beloit — several law enforcement agencies are continuing their investigation into the early friday shooting death of a rural beloit man.

in a statement monday afternoon, mitchell county attorney mark noah said the home of gary nelson, 61, had been thoroughly searched and results were being analyzed.

nelson, a local contractor, was reportedly shot while he was in his home about 2 a.m. friday. he was airlifted from mitchell county community hospital to a hospital in wichita, where he later died.

noah said an autopsy was scheduled.

noah said monday that the mitchell county sheriff’s office, beloit police department, kansas bureau of investigation and the kansas highway patrol are all involved in the investigation. witnesses are being interviewed and tips are being followed up.

noah told the journal over the weekend that three family members or friends were in the house with nelson at the time of the shooting, but that they were not considered suspects.

nelson’s funeral is scheduled for 10 a.m. dec. 29 at mcdonald funeral home in beloit.

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a real nice person you will ever meet. i meet him at votech. alot of years ago. he always had a smile on his face, it is a shame this happened.


a local says….

even if they do solve the murder (which would be a switch), noah is not likely to convict the killer. noah should stick with traffic court matters as that’s just about all he is able to do. beloit: a great place to get away with murder!


class of 82 says….

rip gary, you will be missed. i hope the slime who killed you will be brought to justice.


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