salina businesses burglarized


a physical therapy office was burglarized late sunday or early monday and entry was attempted at two other area businesses, salina deputy police chief carson mansfield said tuesday.
a canon digital camera and a dell inspiron laptop computer were stolen from southwind physical therapy, 631 e. crawford, no. 220, between 10 p.m. sunday and 6:50 a.m. monday, according to a police report. loss was estimated at $1,100.
police responded to a burglar alarm at 2:32 a.m. tuesday at long john silver’s restaurant, 1019 e. crawford, and found the back door to the restaurant open, mansfield said. damage to the door was estimated at $50, and no other losses were reported.
at discover dental, 807 e. prescott, someone pried on doors but did not gain entry into the building between friday and monday. damage was estimated at $6.

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a free peak says….

$6????? for what…the cleaning coast of the window???


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