Farm Bureau endorses Huelskamp



Salina Journal

Kansas Farm Bureau’s endorsement of Republican Tim Huelskamp in the 1st District U.S. House race prompted Democrat Alan Jilka to say Wednesday that the organization has “abandoned” farmers and that Huelskamp’s largest donor wants to abolish farm subsidies.

Area Election Results

Analysis: GOP mods could sink Kobach bid in Kan.


OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (AP) — About 150 of Kris Kobach’s fellow Republicans cheered loudly for him at a unity breakfast the morning after Kansas’ primary election. Within a week, his two former GOP rivals endorsed him for secretary of state.

Still, Republican moderates could doom the former Kansas GOP chairman’s bid for statewide office. If they do, a big reason will be the work on immigration issues that has brought national attention to Kobach, a University of Missouri-Kansas City law professor.

Kobach helped draft Arizona’s new law on illegal immigration, and he advises city officials and state legislators across the nation on how to crack down. His campaign has tapped into voters’ frustrations about the issue.

Farm groups worry about Kobach’s ideas



The Associated Press

TOPEKA — A Kansas politician’s plan to allow voters to enact laws without going through the Legislature is drawing criticism from major farm groups, and a fellow Republican leader said Friday that the idea worries agriculture leaders.

Kris Kobach, the Republican nominee for secretary of state, said he’s not surprised interest groups oppose his voter initiative plan. As residents of other states can, Kansas residents could put proposed laws and state constitutional changes on the ballot for voters’ approval.

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Statewide Election Results

United States Senate


Robert A. Conroy   7,875

David Haley   15,567

Lisa Johnston   25,344

Charles Schollenberger   19,170

Patrick Wiesner   13,323


Tom Little   10,098

Robert (Bob) Londerholm   8,162

Jerry Moran   160,620

Todd Tiahrt  144,221

State Precincts Reporting: 3316 of 3316

U.S. Representative, District 1


Jim Barnett  24,648

Sue Boldra   7,709

Marck Cobb   1,727

Tim Huelskamp   34,108

Tracey Mann  20,763

Rob Wasinger  9,145

State Precincts Reporting: 1323 of 1323

Governor/Lt. Governor


Sam Brownback/Jeff Colyer   259,936

Joan Heffington/Mark Holick   56,327

State Precincts Reporting: 3316 of 3316

Secretary of State


Chris Biggs   48,743

Chris Steineger   32,119


J.R. Claeys   67,973

Elizabeth (Libby) Ensley  82,148

Kris Kobach   154,057

State Precincts Reporting: 3316 of 3316

Attorney General


Ralph J. De Zago  63,578

Derek Schmidt   205,590

State Precincts Reporting: 3316 of 3316

Insurance Commissioner


David Powell   110,464

Sandy Praeger (I)   187,983

State Precincts Reporting: 3316 of 3316

Kansas House, District 69


Tom Arpke  1,205

Deena L. Horst (I)   898

State Precincts Reporting: 15 of 15

Kansas House, District 71


J. Neil Jednoralski   241

Charlie Roth (I)   1,902

Ronald Young   939

State Precincts Reporting: 17 of 17

County Commission, District 1


Randy Duncan (I)   770

Phyllis A. Anderson   473


Barb Shirley   290

Mike Zrubek   145

all precincts reporting

Primary Election 2010
Important Dates

Tuesday, August 3: Primary Election polls 7:00 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Wednesday, August 4: Voter registration books reopen

Friday, August 6: Canvass of Election

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