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ellsworth prison loses another staff member


david clouston

ellsworth — david bone’s tenure with the ellsworth correctional facility was brief, yet his personality and experience helped him quickly forge a bond with the prison staff, bone’s boss said thursday.

the untimely death of bone, 52, the prison’s deputy warden, in a vehicle crash saturday brings to three the number of staff members at the prison who have died this year.

the personnel losses are an emotional blow for the facility but won’t compromise security, warden johnnie goddard said.

“it adds one less person to the emergency chain of command. meaning there’s a few more phone calls and a little more paperwork to do,” goddard said. “with our cell phones, (staff is) in constant contact no matter where we’re at.”

bone and the driver of a second vehicle died in the collision saturday near lorraine. the second driver was andrew child, 35, valley center.

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