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officers search for man who failed to return to jail


salina journal

police look for man who failed to return

a 30-year-old salina man is facing a charge of escape after he failed to return from a medical trip wednesday to wichita.

sheriff glen kochanowski said deputies were searching thursday for george meinhardt, who was granted a furlough by saline county district court wednesday to go the veterans administration hospital in wichita for a medical treatment.

“a friend took him down there, but he didn’t partake in the treatment,” kochanowski said. “he then failed to return to jail as ordered by the court.”

kochanowski said deputies don’t think meinhardt’s friend helped him with the escape.

meinhardt was booked into saline county jail at noon june 29 for a probation violation.

“we are pretty sure he is still in the area, so we just have to locate him,” kochanowski said. “we have some places locally we are checking.”

while meinhardt doesn’t have a history of violent crimes, kochanowski said it’s hard to tell how he’ll react.

kochanowski said anyone who sees meinhardt should call crimestoppers or 911 and not try to detain him.

“he has put himself in a different category,” kochanowski said. “he may think he has done something terribly serious and could resist. his mindset has changed now that he is out.”

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