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rural man arrested on aggravated assault charges


chris hunter

a 63-year-old man was taken to salina regional health center early thursday after he and his 13-year-old grandson wrestled a shotgun out of the hands of his son-in-law, sheriff glen kochanowski said.

the son-in-law, steven stegman, 43, of culver, also was treated at the hospital after being arrested on charges that include five counts of aggravated assault, two counts of domestic battery, two counts of aggravated intentional child endangerment, dui, criminal damage and battery.

kochanowski said the situation, which began shortly after midnight in the 4600 block of north shilo road northwest of salina, could have resulted in tragedy.

kochanowski said stegman drove to the home of his in-laws, daniel godsey, 63, and louise godsey, 62. the godseys were there, along with stegman’s wife, michelle, 38, and his two children, logan, 13, and whitney, 16.

steven stegman allegedly began pointing the shotgun at family members. kochanowski said daniel godsey and logan stegman rushed toward steven stegman and wrestled the shotgun from him.

kochanowski said either daniel godsey or logan stegman grabbed the shotgun ejector and jammed the gun.

after taking the gun, kochanowski said the family members began to fight with steven stegman and subdued him. steven stegman eventually left the house in his truck. kochanowski said he believed he was going to his home in culver.

kochanowski said deputies put out an alert for steven stegman and he was stopped by a kansas highway patrol trooper at intestate highway 70 and hedville road.

steven stegman and daniel godsey were taken to salina regional health center for treatment of injuries. godsey was also treated for possible internal injuries.

“we were very fortunate,” kochanowski said.

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