young boys find loaded gun in west salina


the quick thinking of an 8-year-old salina boy may have prevented a potential tragedy sunday when he saw his younger brother pick up a loaded handgun in the grass near their apartment complex in west salina.

the 8-year-old and his 4-year-old brother were playing outside the airport apartments, 2774 berschel, at about 1:30 p.m., when the 4-year-old picked up a .38 caliber handgun lying in the grass near the apartment’s swimming pool.

the 4-year-old thought it was a toy gun and had his hand around the trigger, said the boys’ mother, kristie gonner.

“my older boy told him to drop it, that it was a real gun,” she said.

the 8-year-old picked up the gun and buried it in a ditch full of water, covering it with grass as best he could. then he and his brother ran to tell their mother what happened.

“my son was too scared to carry it very far because he never had a gun in his hand before,” gonner said. “he told me he hid it because he didn’t want any other kids to see it. there were about 15 or 20 kids playing around here.”

gonner called the salina police department, and officers retrieved the weapon from the ditch.

the gun’s serial numbers are being run, and the weapon may be sent to the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives to find its owner or determine if it has been stolen, said officer lane mangels of the salina police department.

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geez says….

to jane… what a stupid question why are 15-20 kids playing outside without adult supervision? ah gee maybe because that is what kids do… play outside! i suppose you prefer they play video games inside.


sunnie says….

praise as well to this young man’s parent’s! they must be very proud!


jane says….

why are 15-20 kids playing outside without adult supervision?


lbsidles says….

that young man needs to be commended for his actions


what a great kid says….

kristie gonner bless your son!! he already is watching out for his little brother and all the neighborhood kids. tell him he’s a hero!!!!


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