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kbi investigating ottawa county so


salina journal

minneapolis — the kansas bureau of investigation confirmed tuesday a probe of the ottawa county sheriff’s office, but would not provide any details.

ottawa county sheriff keith coleman said he was aware of the investigation.

“the kbi is investigating one of my employees. that’s what they told me,” coleman said tuesday.

he would not name the employee or mention any circumstances.

“i was taken completely away from it,” coleman said. he referred comment to the kbi, “until it’s over.”

wiley kerr, the kbi’s associate director, said tuesday, “we are conducting an investigation involving the sheriff’s department.” he advised the media to contact the kansas attorney general’s office.

gavin young, a spokesman for the attorney general, offered no other information.

“the kbi is conducting an investigation of the ottawa county sheriff’s department,” young said.

policy dictates that the attorney general’s office is not to comment on ongoing investigations, young said.

“the kbi will conduct their investigation and forward the results of the investigation to the attorney general’s office,” he said, “at which point a determination will be made as to whether charges are merited.”

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