‘Eat Pray Love’ star Julia Roberts happy as is

TOKYO (AP) — Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts isn’t planning any more spiritual journeys now that she is done making a film based on the hit book “Eat Pray Love.”

The movie, inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert’s best-selling memoir, follows the story of a frustrated divorcee who decides to take a long trip oversees in search of some peace in Italy, India and Bali.

Roberts, a happily married mother of three, said she read and enjoyed the book long before it came across her desk as a proposed movie script and jumped at the chance to play the leading role. But she added she isn’t looking to make any big alterations in her own life.

“No, no changes,” Roberts said Wednesday in Tokyo, where she is promoting the movie’s release. “I’m good.”

Roberts, who was raised a Catholic but is a practicing Hindu, said the film offered her a chance to draw from her own experiences, but said she had been interested in Hinduism before she came across the book and that she did not convert because of the shooting.

Beyond that, she said she would keep her beliefs to herself.

“I’ve realized something my mother told me 22 years ago,” she said. “You’re an actor, act. Don’t talk about politics or religion.”

One departure for Roberts, 42, does lie ahead.

Since her box-office breakthrough in 1990’s “Pretty Woman,” Roberts has done little TV work, but she is now working as a producer of a documentary series called “Extraordinary Moms” set to debut in January on Oprah Winfrey’s new cable network.

Roberts’ next big-screen project is “Larry Crowne,” which has been shooting in Southern California in recent months and is set for release next year. The movie reunites her with leading man Tom Hanks.

On her work — and her longevity as one of Hollywood’s most sought-after stars — she said her inspiration has never waned.

“Loving what you do is the secret to everything,” she said. “I really do love the creative part of making movies.”

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