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Blue Jays Love Peanuts
Submitted by: Mark Neubrand
Blue Jays are a big fan of peanuts. The Salina Audubon Society sells raw peanuts for back yard bird feeders. The Blue Jays love to wrestle them out of the feeder and fly off to perch and chip them out of the shell. They are also notorious for hiding them all over the yard for later feasting.

Owl in the front yard
Submitted by: Charity
This noisy little creature in my front yard for the past 4 years. Finally caught him with the digital camera!! So beautiful

Lexie-Rose My princess
Submitted by: Charity
My 3 year old chihuahua. Cute as can be! Thought I would share her with you all!

Submitted by: Haley Mortimer
This is my cat Optimus Prime.

Lost Cat
Submitted by: Marty
Found a lost cat. Adorable and house broken. Good around kids and people. Found in the fox run area. If this is your cat, please email me. [email protected]

Simons Coffee
Submitted by: Norma

Submitted by: Enid
The very animated (and noisy) Wally.

Submitted by: TRUSSELL

Submitted by: Donna Stratton
My cat Spike

Submitted by: angie

Mt beautiful daughter
Submitted by: Angie

Submitted by: Floyd & Marla
After a long battle with diabetes we lost our beloved Mandee on Dec. 8th at age 14, but she will always be in our hearts.

Submitted by: Deborah
Ferrets make wonderful pets. This is Ringo. He is very sweet.

Lady Bug
Submitted by: Cindy Fischer
Lady Bug in her coat. She is ready for winter.

Submitted by: Marla Nelson
My Pide and Joy, Spike. Spike is now 8 years old and a total Mommas boy. Everywhere I go Spike goes too.

our pugs rule the pool
Submitted by: Paula Fowles

Submitted by: Angie
This is our grand-dog, Tyra. She”s a ChocolateLab/Golden Retreiver mix!

Submitted by: Angie
This is our baby girl Indy!! She”s a Shih-tzu/Yorkie mix!

Submitted by: cat
This is a picture of my baby Rosa. She is a rat terrier that I adopted when she was a puppy. I”ve always had big dogs before but she is just the right size to go do things with me and she loves car rides.

Submitted by: Mari B.
This is our pride & joy, Gracie. We adopted her from the Salina Dog Shelter/Pound 2 years ago as a pup. We are so glad we went there to look and rescue this precious dog!

Zelda the Basset Hound pup
Submitted by: Scott Wendell
Zelda, a 6 month old pure bred Basset Hound pup that”s the love of our life! My fiance and I treat her like she”s our own daughter. She”s spoiled rotten!

Copper the Basset Hound
Submitted by: Elizabeth Ragan
Copper Hound, a 4 1/2 year old pure bred Basset Hound. He is a beloved family pet!

Submitted by: Terry G. Stithem
My German Shorthair Maggie patiently waiting on a bite.

Kage and Bodacious
Submitted by: Cierra Higle
Bodacious was our baby girl until our baby boy came along. I thought she would be jealous but she is so protective of him.

Submitted by: Terry
Awakened from a really good nap.

Submitted by: Merinda

Submitted by: Jaci Walsh
Do you wanna play? Do you wanna play?

Happy 2nd Birthday
Submitted by: